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Trans-Girls.com FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

Category: Main -> Miscellaneous



How i can change my pic in Ts-Escort?

Just e-mail the new pic to webmaster@trans-girls.com!

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Why i can not put my photo in Personals?When i put i can not see my pic,Thanks

As of 12th January 2003, we still have a problem on our server that does not allow the upload of pictures. We plan to move servers again very soon (1 or 2 weeks ahead) - everything should be fine then.

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why does the system say incorrect referer when we try to view girls in alphabetical box at upper left of page?

It may be that your browser does not correctly forward the referer data. There is a check made on the referring page,to prevent external leeching.
Anyway, the external server which did show the pix is down at the moment and I don't know when it will be back up.

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Since yesterday I cannot open the pages.Is there any problem with them ?

"the pages"
Please be more specific about the problems you report!
If this was referring to the Girls-Girls-Girls, the pictures shown there were external links on which he have no influence. Their server appears to be down for some reason, and we cannot possibly do something about it.

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Until recently I was able to access photos of all transexuals ( from a to z) on this page by simply clicking on whatever letter of the alphabet under the heading GIRLS - GIRLS - GIRLS. Why is it that I am not able to do that any more?

These pages are external links which appear to be down.
We do not know if they will be ap again or when they will be up, or even if they will still be publicly accessible.

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I still have problem to open the pages with the pictures. You did not answer my mail

Ok - you first have to take into account that since nobody wants to pay for anything, this is a free site. You cannot expect that everything works perfectly, and I clearly have other things to do than to reply to all mails from users requesting (free) support, which occurs often in an unpolite manner.

Second, the "links to the pictures" in the upper left corner are external, and if their publisher's server is down, we cannot do anything about it. We found some other links as a replacement: "archives", which you can visit in th meanwhile we wait for the other links to come up again.

Best Regards,
Transgirls Webmaster

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How do I change my password?

The password can be changed by going to
user menu --> preferences --> change personal data

type the new password twice to change it.

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How i can change my adresse in my .Old adress" Lagegweg 12 zim,3"I am not there any more.Can you take it out for me please...Gina

Please use the new feature to update information in the escort's profile.

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All the links send me to :Not Found The requested URL /ts_fr_public_reviewsGrid.php was not found on this server.Apache/1.3.26 Server at www.trans-girls.com Port 80So what happen ?Thanks for help

The directory pages have moved, but all links from the menu on the left are working.
Empty your cache or reload the pages, refresh your bookmarks.

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I wrote a review of Marilyn (NL) and what was saved was not exactly what I wrote. Can I revise the review?

send an e-mail to the webmaster:
webmaster@trans-girls.com to request modification

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How can I delete the pictures from my desktop? Since I first visited this site, the topics pictures installed temselves on my desktop and I can't remove them? How can this be done?

Lol - the pictures did not "install themselves" - you did a wrong manipulation with your mouse: right click and "set as background" or "set as desktop item".
For the background erase it in desktop properties. The pics on the desktop can just be deleted.

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